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Discover the best pool service and repair
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Our Services

Pool Remodel and Renovation

Transform your existing pool into an amazing new experience

Pool Service and Repair

Tipton Builders will provide full service and repair of all pool elements including pool equipment repair, replacement, and upgrades

Pool Cleaning

We keep your pool sparkling year round so you can enjoy the time around it with your family and friends

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Maintaining Beautiful Pools For You

The Tipton Builders team would love to hear from you.  We care very much about our customers and the beauty, utility, efficiency, and operation of their swimming pool.

Transform your yard into a backyard paradise!

There is nothing as relaxing and beautiful as water.  We maintain your pool so the  water and environments is ready to enjoy when you wish.

Ready for a private place to swim and relax?

A backyard pool provides the privacy needed to fully enjoy the experience of water in the most relaxing setting. Tipton keeps your pool running at peak performance.

Desire to update or modernize an existing or worn out pool?

Tipton can transform any existing project into a completely new renovation.  With a pool remodel, you can update not only the beauty, but also the efficiency and automated functions.

How about complete backyard automation?

Today’s technology makes your pool and even the entire backyard, fully operational from your smart phone.  Turn on the spa as you leave the office and have it heated and ready to enjoy the moment you walk through the door.

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