2019 swimming pool trends

Trends come and trends go, but when it comes to 2019 swimming pool trends, there are the trendy and the timeless aspects of a swimming pool project that your pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN can discuss with you. Every year there are new trends and...

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What goes into pool maintenance?

Swimming pool ownership means swimming pool upkeep and maintenance. What goes into pool maintenance is a question that the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN answer all the time when working with new swimming pool owners. Not all new pool...

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Buying a new house? Get a pool

Buying a new house? Get a pool! Is this too much of a change all at once? Many new home buyers are looking for a house with a pool, but if you find the house of your dreams and it is sans pool -- you may want to have the pool constructed as you're moving into the new...

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