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Why is the pool water cloudy?

The swimming pool service contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee often receive a call that starts with the question, "why is the pool water cloudy?" There are many reasons and we will explain therm here so you're aware and if you're a DIY pool owner you...

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Can you get fit in a hot tub?

Swimming pool owners know they can swim laps and play pool games to get fit in a non-stress-inducing way that won't make your bones and joints ache. What if you have a hot tub and not a swimming pool? Can you get fit in a hot tub? Yes, you can say the swimming pool...

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6 Pool Maintenance DIY Hacks

DIY is huge. The coronavirus pandemic also showed many homeowners and pool owners that they needed to not only rely on themselves, but that it was sometimes fun to jump in and do home maintenance or even light pool maintenance on their own. Thankfully, with swimming...

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