Own a Pool

Tipton Pools Knoxville – Cools Your Tennessee Summers

Throughout Tennessee there is a summer time tradition of families gathering, playing, and building memories by the pool.  Many of the elements, of these special family times, find their beginning in the planning of your backyard dream. Tipton Pools Knoxville, provides the skills and creativity to make your backyard dreams come true.

Indeed the backyard is a special place.  Children play, will grow, have fun, possibly learn to swim for the first time, celebrate holidays and enjoy many weekend barbecues in and around the pool.  This special place will create deep bonds, laughter, and a way to have a great time when the summer heat kicks in.

The outdoor lifestyle your new pool and backyard environments provide will be long remembered as a special place for the family for years and years to come.

We are prepared…

Have no concerns that conditions in your yard might make a pool project difficult.  For decades we have been building exquisite pools in often challenging site conditions… but we like a challenge, and so far, we have beat them all.  We incorporate designs that work with the flow of the land and take on a natural balance that will be both pleasing to the eye and instill a sense of tranquility.

There is no job too difficult, we will be proud to show you examples of challenging projects where the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Get ready to start the plans…

Be sure to check out our “Picture Gallery” and see some of the examples now… then give us a call and we can discuss the project with you and develop the ideas that will become the dream come true.