The Construction Process

Getting started…

To get started, make an appointment and we will come to survey your yard for your new swimming pool. Together we will discuss the various options and set a comfortable budget to create your backyard dream.

Using the latest computer design technology we work together to bring your ideas to life in full 2-D color.  You will see the pool as it will look when completed in every detail… amazing!

We will work together in the selection of options you will want to include.

Starting construction…

Having completed the design in animated 2-D we will review the plans making final adjustments to the details, finalize all pricing and options, and prepare a working agreement incorporating all the ideas and plans into a clearly written outline of the dream about to come true.

We will develop and provide you a complete site survey, a beautiful design with all the options and design features we have agreed upon, and a detailed working document for construction.

Time to colorize…

Now it gets really fun!

Selecting the final color schemes, tile, decks, and interior finishes adds the final touch to capture your taste and flair in the project.  We will guide you along the way but you make the final choices for a beautiful array of colors and finishes.

Tipton Pools goes to town…

Literally… we go to town to secure all the permits and plan approvals before one shovel full of dirt is removed.  A careful permitting submission process provides you additional assurance all the electrical codes are met and your pool will never have an issue with the zoning department.

We devote our time to you…

Unique to Tipton Builders Inc., we plan every project meticulously and once we start the pool project, we stay on the job and complete it in the time frame agreed upon.

Every job is staffed with a professional crew with directives to complete your pool on time. Obviously we can not alter the effects of weather and things beyond our control, but apart from these minor delays we are focused upon you and your project.

As most companies just add your pool to the list and build as many as they can, it is nearly impossible to meet a proposed schedule.  Our special system was designed for start to finish personalization.  What ever our job backlog may be we build only one at a time, start to finish.  You have our undivided attention!

This said, it is a good idea to plan ahead so your pool can be completed in accordance with your plans.  It is always a bad idea to wait to get your pool started and it is nearly impossible to manage multiple jobs at once and provide your best work for every client.

Tipton Pools is prepared to give you our best every time!

Bringing the project to life…

Soon, your pool is complete.  You will be amazed at the attention to detail we provide in the final stages including a complete and thorough clean up of the entire site before we leave.

Once completed and cleaned, we set a time to carefully go through the project top to bottom.  We demonstrate every function and together with you inspect every detail.

We are not done until you agree and sign off on our certificate of satisfaction!  This is an exciting time indeed… you are now the proud owner of a work of old world craftsmanship… the completion of the dream we planned together just a short while ago…, a new Tipton Pool!