Is your swimming pool looking “tired”? Did you buy a home with a swimming pool that you want to make your own? Have technologies changed and you want to upgrade to the newest, more energy-efficient pool equipment? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer 11 reasons to renovate a swimming pool (however there are many more that you may be wondering about).

You will need to decide whether you want aesthetic or energy or mechanical updates and upgrades or perhaps you want a combination of these. Make a list of what you think you want to have renovated. Call on your pool contractor and ask him to do a site visit and let you know if there are must-haves he believes are necessary for the operation of your pool.

11 reasons to renovate a swimming pool

We have made a list of various reasons to consider a renovation and here they are:

  • There are broken, stained or faded pool tiles
  • The liner is ripped, fading or wearing thin
  • The pool equipment simply isn’t energy efficient and is costing you more money to operate than necessary
  • You have had lifestyle changes — a smaller family, a larger family, etc.
  • The home is undergoing a renovation and you want to roll the pool project into that
  • The pool is all right, but you need to add or renovate an existing outdoor living space
  • You want to add or upgrade pool and outdoor living space lighting
  • Water features can be added or removed during a renovation project
  • Is there someone in the home who is mobility impaired and you want to renovate to make it easier for him or her to get into and out of the pool
  • Have you always wanted a hot tub or spa?
  • How about adding a heater or remote-controlled options for the pool cover and/or lighting?

Set your budget then give us a call. Let’s look at your list and determine what is necessary for your renovation and what are the nice to haves that you want as part of your renovation project. Swimming pool contractors are considered essential businesses so we are still working during the coronavirus quarantines. Give us a call.