Swimming pools are a wonderful asset to your home and yard and for family fun. They can be costly to operate though and the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer 11 ways to save money on pool costs. As pool service contractors, they caution against trying to save money by skipping pool service visits.

Some of the tips we will share don’t even involve having to invest in new equipment — but if you’re still operating your pool with a single-speed pool pump, the money you spend on a variable-speed pump will save you money over the life of your pool ownership. A variable-speed pool pump will pay for itself.

11 Ways To Save Money On Pool Costs

  1.  Store your pool vacuum with the head (bristles) up. Don’t rest the bristles on the ground as it will crush them and could damage the head.
  2. If you want to swim in warm water, use the sun and a solar cover that captures the heat of the sun’s rays and warms your pool water.
  3. Even if you hire us to perform pool service to keep your pool water clean, clear and free of bacteria, you will still want to perform “light maintenance” between service visits. Skim off floating debris. Test the water chemistry — you just might catch changes in the chemistry that will prompt a call to us for a visit.
  4. Consider running the pool pump and filter during the overnight hours when the cost of electricity is usually lower.
  5. Add the chlorine once the sun goes down. The heat of the sun will evaporate the chlorine and make it not be as effective for as long as it could be.
  6. If you’re cleaning the pool yourself, buy pool chemicals in bulk. Also, buy your pool chemicals from a pool store to ensure you’re getting the highest quality. Keep in mind that many pool owners find it costs them less to hire a pool contractor than it does to clean the pool themselves. Give us a call and we can give you an estimate on pool cleaning.
  7. Keep up with pool super-chlorinating on a weekly basis — or ask us how often you should do that. If you shock the water regularly you can save yourself the hassle and cost of “double” or “triple” shock if you wait longer to shock the water.
  8. Use the pool cover every time you’re not using the pool. The cover will slow the rate of water evaporation (one of the costliest parts of pool ownership is refilling the pool). The cover also keeps the pool water cleaner, and longer.
  9. Invest in a robotic pool cleaner to help keep the pool cleaner longer between-service visits.
  10. If you’re using a pool heater, drop the temperature a degree or two. Just this tiny change could lead to large savings.
  11. As mentioned, if you have a single-speed pump, consider upgrading to a variable speed for cost savings. Also, any old or worn-out pool equipment is likely to cost you more money to operate than you imagine.

If you’re new to pool ownership or if you’re a long-time pool owner looking to save money while enjoying the pool this summer, give us a call today!