The swimming pool service contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee often receive a call that starts with the question, “why is the pool water cloudy?” There are many reasons and we will explain therm here so you’re aware and if you’re a DIY pool owner you will know what to do. If you don’t want to deal with swimming pool service and maintenance, give us a call. We can pay a visit and give you an estimate on pool services for your unique pool.

Why is the pool water cloudy?

There are many reasons and they include: 

  1. Low water flow rate
  2. Not enough chlorine
  3. The beginnings of an algae bloom
  4. High levels of total dissolved solids
  5. Foreign and organic contaminants

Is there a magic bullet to cleaning up cloudy water? Not really, there are three steps and you will also need patience.

  1. Backwash the pool
  2. Super chlorinate
  3. Brush the pool walls
  4. Clean it thoroughly
  5. Add a pool water clarifier

Check the flow rate of your pool water. If the water isn’t moving quickly enough contaminants will build up and lead to cloudy water. When you backwash the pool filter and clear out the contaminants the water may flow more quickly.

Super-chlorinate — or shock — the pool water to clear out any potential algae and to kill of all contaminants in the water.

Thoroughly clean the pool. Brush it completely. Clean the filters, and the skimmer basket and vacuum.

The best way to keep the water in your pool from becoming cloudy is to be diligent in all aspects of pool maintenance and service. It may be time-consuming to do all the maintenance but it will take you longer and cost you more if you have to deal with cloudy water or an algae bloom.