If you’re having a swimming pool added to your backyard this summer, you know it could be a project fraught with stress and swimming pool projectanticipation. If you have done your due diligence and found a swimming pool contractor in Knoxville, Tennessee that you trust, the project will likely move along at a smooth, predictable pace.

Because the swimming pool builders from Tipton Pools are experienced in constructing swimming pools and working with new pool owners, they have devised a 15-step process that pool owners can use as a guide to whether the project is on pace and whether they have anything the need to worry about. The contractors from Tipton understand that even though they know exactly what goes in with a pool construction project, this is likely the first time you’ve been through it and they believe this check list will help relieve stress and anxiety and will at least give you milestones that you can chart.

Here is a 15-point checklist you can keep handy to let you know whether your project is on track:

  1. Layout – the design will be spray painted into your grass for the crews to follow
  2. Excavation of the pool site
  3. Caliche – rock or unusual hard dirt
  4. Plumbing – and pool equipment will be installed
  5. Steel – to form the pool frame
  6. Electrical –
  7. Pre-gunite inspection – this is performed by the municipal code inspector
  8. Shotcrete – sprayed in concrete
  9. Tile and rock work
  10. Clean up and deck work
  11. Safety barriers – fencing, alarms – installed to municipal, state and federal standards
  12. Final inspections – by municipal code inspector
  13. Plaster and pebble work
  14. Start up of the pool and your orientation on swimming pool care
  15. Final walk through

Ask your potential pool builder for a check list that is specific to his methods of operation — you can use this one as an example to let you know what questions to ask him as well.

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