Trends come and trends go, but when it comes to 2019 swimming pool trends, there are the trendy and the timeless aspects of a swimming pool project that your pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN can discuss with you.

Every year there are new trends and new “in” colors and pool designs as well as accessories and add ons for swimming pool owners to consider. You need to decide whether to jump on a trend or go with a timeless beauty with your pool project or you can incorporate a little of both into a pool that is uniquely yours.

2019 swimming pool trends

After you’ve had conversations with your swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools and have settled on the style, construction material, design and placement of your pool — at its basic form — you can look at your budget and see if there might be space for some trendy items.

Here are trends in pools, accessories and outdoor living to consider:

  1. Staycation resort. Landscaping, the pool placement and its design and color all lend themselves to a staycation resort feel. Remember, just having a pool means your backyard is a staycation hotspot. Decide whether you want to have your backyard be a backyard with a pool or a beautiful resort-type space.
  2. Accessories rule. Consider adding a waterslide, rock waterfall, diving board, sun shelves or fountain to the swimming pool.
  3. Spill over or vanishing edge pools are popular. If you have a “yard with a view” or want to have a spill over spa – which resembles a vanishing edge pool but takes you from the pool to the hot tub without getting out of the water, this is striking and unique.
  4. The shape of it all. Geometry is making its way into the pool landscape; octagon, connected circles or triangles or even rectangles with other shapes incorporated are unique and popular.
  5. Fitness and fun. Whether you want the pool for fitness, fun or both you can have it all! Talk with us about having a fitness spa or a lap pool; lap pools allow you to have a pool, have a place to swim laps and still have some space left in your backyard.

What would be in your dream pool? Decide that, put your budget in place then give us a call!