Caring for and maintaining a hot tub is similar — but different — to cleaning a swimming pool. Cleaning a pool and a hot tub are both tasks that a DIYer can take on. The swimming pool and hot tub contractors in Memphis, TN from Tipton Pools offer 3 hot tub service care tips that will keep the water clean and bacteria-free between service visits.

This is the time of year when we find that our customers turn from spending time in the swimming pool to spending time in the heated jetted depths of their hot tubs or spas and who can blame them! When this happens though you will want to ensure the water is tested and treated regularly to ensure it’s safe for use and that the hot tub equipment is in proper working order.

3 hot tub service care tips

Because hot tubs have heated water, bacteria grows more quickly and that means you need to test the water more often to keep it clean.

  1. Ask us how often you should test the water and what you should be looking for between service visits. Purchase a chemical test kit to check pH levels and sanitizer, ie chlorine levels. Test kits come with detailed instructions and information on what the proper range for chemicals should be; but ask us for a lesson on how to interpret the readings and what to do about them.
  2. Check and test for calcium build-up because this can harm hot tub components and the plumbing. If calcium levels are too low, it can damage the filter and pump; too high and the water will get cloudy and cause calcium build up on the walls.
  3. Organic materials such as natural body oils, anti-perspirant and perfumes that you bring into the water with you that can put your water chemicals out of line. Urge anyone who uses the hot tub or spa to shower before they get in to help cut back on organic materials in the water.

If you want to take on your own hot tub maintenance, we can show you how or we can take on the task for you so when you have free time you can simply jump in and enjoy!