The cost of owning a swimming pool can really mount up. Water, chemicals, pool maintenance and the increased cost of utilities. Whew! Did you ever consider all of the costs of owning a swimming pool? If you haven’t talk with the pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee about 5 ways to conserve water in your pool.

These tips are ideal for new pool owners and long time pool owners. It’s never bad to review pool water conservation tips and implement them as often as you can to save money and help save the environment. If you live in an area of the country that is prone to drought, conserving water is even more crucial.

It is necessary to keep the pool water levels at the proper levels because if you don’t it could cause the water chemistry to get out of balance and could also harm the equipment. Too much water in the pool is not good either.

5 ways to conserve water in your pool

  1. Talk with your pool contractor about how to strategically landscape to help slow the flow of wind across the top of the pool because this can speed evaporation.
  2. Is there a leak? If you notice the water levels seem to be going down more quickly and the weather isn’t noticeably warmer and there hasn’t been more splash out, check for leaks.
  3. Use a swimming pool cover. Pool covers keep the water cleaner and free of debris and it also helps slow the rate of evaporation.
  4. If you heat the pool water, drop it by a degree or two — chances are you won’t notice a difference, but you can slow the rate of water evaporation.
  5. Don’t overfill because it will make it easier to splash it out.

Ask us for other tips and advice on conserving water — and money!! — because you’re conserving water. In case you wondered, conserving water will also help keep the pool chemistry in balance and may mean you’re using fewer chemicals.