5 ways to enjoy your pool more, tips from Tipton Pool builders

Are you enjoying your pool as much as you should be? Are there ways you could enjoy your pool more? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools, Inc. in Knoxville, Tennessee offer five ways to enjoy your pool more.

Swimming is certainly fun. Swimming pools help that fun happen. There is so much more that you can do if you own a swimming pool to enjoy it more.

How can you get more enjoyment out of your swimming pool? Here are 5 ways to enjoy your pool more:

  1. Your swimming pool service contractor will keep your pool water free of bacteria so you can enjoy your pool when you want to. If you want to clean it yourself, ask us for a water test kit and for a tutorial on pool cleaning and chemical balancing.
  2. You can lose weight in your swimming pool and that might be one way in which you enjoy it more. Swimming is a great exercise and won’t put stress or strain on your joints or muscles.
  3. Keep your vinyl liner swimming pool in good repair by making sure no one brings anything sharp into the pool. If you notice a tear in the liner, contact your swimming pool contractor as soon as possible.
  4. Implement rules of the pool to keep everyone safe. No running on the deck or no riding of riding toys or no rough housing or shoving people into the water should be among those rules.
  5. Practice the buddy system. No one swims alone. This rule goes for adults. Ask us what types of swimming pool safety equipment you should have around the swimming pool and how to properly use it. Someone in the home should know CPR.
  6. Hosting swimming pool parties are another way to have fun in and around your swimming pool. When you own a pool you are almost guaranteed to become “party central” for friends and family.

If you’re considering a swimming pool, talk with us to see how you can have even more fun in and around your swimming pool.