You don’t have to close your pool the day after Labor Day — it’s just the traditional time when many people think summer is ending and it’s time to close it up. Are you on the schedule for a pool closing? Many of the pool owners who work with Tipton Pool swimming pool contractors in Tennessee will get on the schedule for a future date so they can get the closing time they want.

We know no one wants to think about closing the pool, but it does happen for most pool owners across the country. You can extend the time you swim by installing a pool heater. If that’s something you’re thinking about, let’s talk about it.

There may be many warm days ahead but getting on a pool contractor’s schedule for a closing is just the thing to do before winter or autumn settle in.

Are you on the schedule for pool closing?

What will we do when we close the swimming pool?

  1. We test and balance the water chemistry
  2. A thorough cleaning and vacuuming will be performed. If you leave any dirt and debris behind it can stain the liner.
  3. The pool water levels will be lowered to below the skimmer for the off season.
  4. Winterizing chemicals are added. These protect the water quality during the long winter months.
  5. The filter, pump basket and skimmer are cleaned before storage.
  6. All unused chlorine will be removed from the chlorinator and the sand in your filter and grids will be cleaned and backwashed.
  7. Your tech will install a skimmer guard and plug the return line or lower the water in the pool to a level below the water returns.
  8. Hoses are removed and the water is blown out so they don’t freeze and crack.
  9. Drain plugs will be removed from the pump, filter tank and other equipment. Keep all of the equipment and plugs in a safe, warm dry place that you will have easy access to when the new swimming season rolls around.
  10. Air pillows will be inflated and put into the pool to protect the water and to keep the cover from falling into the water.
  11. The winter swimming pool cover will be put in place to keep dirt, debris and rain and snow from getting into the pool.
  12. Check the pool cover occasionally and pump off excess water so it doesn’t damage the pool cover or the pool itself.

Choose a date for your pool closing and let us know. You can always change the timing of the pool closing if the weather cooperates and you can swim for more weeks.