March 20 is the first day of spring 2020! Who else is counting down the days? We know we are, many of your pool-owning friends are and at Tipton Pools, Inc. we are filling our schedules with pool owners who are ready to jump in for the spring and summer! Are you ready for your pool to be opened? If you are, give us a call and let’s get you on the calendar!

Whether this was a mild winter where you live or if you feel like it was never going to end, when you have a pool in the backyard, you are ready to spend time in it, right?

Are you ready for your pool to be opened?

If you’re ready to get on the schedule and calendar of your favorite pool contractor and get that spring opening scheduled, we don’t have to convince you. If you’re not certain if spring is the right time for a pool opening, here are some of the reasons our pool customers tell us they love a spring opening!

  1. You beat the rush of those looking at a summer opening.
  2. If the pool cover is on and the pool equipment isn’t running and the days are getting warmer you run the risk of having algae growing beneath the surface.
  3. Spring is warm! Well, it’s warmer than winter and if you have a pool heater it might be warm enough to swim!
  4. You will have a longer swim season (especially if you have a pool heater)
  5. You might save money. Some swimming pool service contractors offer a discount for an early pool opening. Their schedules are lighter and they have time to fill and you reap the benefit!

If you’ve been enjoying warm days and reveling in the heat of the spring sun, imagine being able to be in the pool as soon as the days are truly warm and the water is comfortable for swimming. Don’t wait. Give us a call today.