Tipton Pool builders, serving Knoxville, Tennessee offer inground pool step benefits

If you are swimming with young children, are recovering from an injury or have mobility issues, having inground swimming pool steps added as part of your swimming pool construction or renovation project might just make sense. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pool Builders explain the benefits of the steps and explain that you will need a larger space in your backyard to accommodate that specific design.

Here are some items to consider if you’re thinking of having inground swimming pool steps constructed:

  • They are safer for those with mobility issues than using a ladder to get into and out of the pool¬†
  • They are constructed to add to the aesthetics of the pool itself.
  • Your swimming pool contractor can install them — usually in an afternoon — during a pool service visit.
  • They are durable and the materials from which the are constructed will be water, weather and stain resistant — just as the other accessories in your pool are.
  • Ask about installing steps that are algae resistant. In some pools, it’s easy for algae to take hold and one of the places it occurs is in and around the steps
  • You can have inground pool steps that are part of a construction project that mimic a beach entry –these will require more yard space.
  • When the inground steps are added they must be anchored so they don’t float and pose the risk of pinched fingers.


Pool stairs can be added as part of a pool remodel or part of your new construction. If you’re considering making a change and adding pool stairs, give us a call before next swim season rolls around!