Vacation getaways to exotic locales with swimming pools, sandy beaches and hot tubs or spas is the stuff of fantasy, right? Well it can swimming pool constructionbe an everyday reality if you have your own swimming pool. Because of the high price of gasoline and the even higher price of airline tickets many families are working with swimming pool contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee and having their own swimming pools constructed. It may seem a large expense to take on but if you consider the amount of money you’d spend on a week long vacation (consider too that it was recently announced that to spend a day at a famous theme park it would now cost close to $100 per person!), you can see how a pool is an investment in your family’s fun and future enjoyment for years to come.

Before you even begin the process of having your own swimming pool built, you need to come up with a budget for the construction as well as the ongoing maintenance as well as the potential for increase utility bills. Once you have those figures, now’s the time to begin. Here are some tips from the swimming pool builders at Tipton Pools on how to prepare for a construction project:

  • Ask your friends and neighbors what they paid for theirs. Call local builders to get a rough idea on the price for an average in ground swimming pool. Also be sure to ask about increased utility bills.
  • Give yourself a 10-15% padding for the price of the completed project. You just can’t plan for unexpected cost overruns during the project.
  • Make a plan. If you’re going to need to take out a loan for the project, you will need to give yourself a month or two before construction can begin. You can talk with your potential builder about financing as he or she may know of a lending institution willing to help you out or you can speak with the bankers at the bank which you typically work with.

Once you’ve done that bit of homework, you can begin looking for the pool design of your dreams. There are three popular in ground types – fiberglass, gunite or vinyl. Your builder can walk you through the pros and cons of each type. The budget for your project will be the determining factor in which type you’ll ultimately work best for you. Additionally you will also need to consider your landscaping as well as the amount of space you have available for the construction.

An investment in a pool building project is one that will offer you and your family years of swimming fun – it will be like a year-round vacation in your own backyard!