Tipton Pool contractors offer tips to do yoga in the swimming pool 

Working out in a swimming pool is an ideal way to get in shape without putting stress or strain on your bones and joints. Did you know, though, that you can do yoga in the swimming pool as well as swimming laps? The pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer these in-pool yoga tips. If you’re a yoga enthusiast when you’re out of the water, you might want to try it in a swimming pool when you don’t have gravity working against you.

swimming pool workout

Do yoga in the swimming pool

Practice these various yoga poses in the shallow end, using the water’s natural buoyancy to help with your stretches. Don’t attempt sitting poses when you’re in the pool.

Here are some yoga poses to consider.

  1. The Tree. Place one foot on the inside of the opposite knee, bring your hands together and hold them at your heart level and balance on one leg. Hold the pose, breathe deeply. Switch legs.
  2. The Lunge. Turn your rear foot sideways, point your front foot forward and move slowly into a lunge. Stretch until your front thigh is parallel with the pool floor. Reach toward the sun with your arms. Stretch your spine. Breathe deeply. Move back into a standing position and switch legs.
  3. Fingers to Toe. This is just what it sounds like… stand on one foot and lift your other foot out of the water to touch your fingers. Hover your palm above the surface of the water and stretch to reach it. Hold the position for a few breaths. Lower your foot and switch sides.
  4. The Chair. This pose mimics getting up out of a seated position in a chair. Keep your feet parallel and flat on the pool floor. “Sit down” until your face is close to the surface of the water. Stretch your arms above your head. Breathe deeply. Hold the pose. Then slowly move to a standing position.
  5. The Warrior pose. This pose works all muscle groups and is easy to perform. Step forward into a lunge, both feet facing forward. Life your arms toward the sky, extend your fingers. Sink forward on your extended leg until your thigh is parallel with the pool floor.

Use a pool noodle or the side of the pool to steady yourself. Ask your pool contractor from Hawaiian Pools whether there are other in-pool exercise devices you can use to amp up your yoga or swim workout.

Working out in a swimming pool is a great way to get in shape even in the heat of the summer.