Do you know how to swim?
Knoxville, TN pool builders say it’s never too late

If you have children in the house you know they are probably anxiously awaiting the time they can swim in the family swimming pool. You don’t have to be a child, though to learn to swim. Adults and children who have never been in a swimming pool can learn to swim. Do you know how to swim? If you’re going to be a swimming pool owner, we believe it’s best if you do.

If you’ve worked with a swimming pool contractor in Knoxville, Tennessee to have him construct a swimming pool, you want everyone to be able to join in the fun, right?

If you don’t know how to swim, you can take classes:

  1. At the YMCA
  2. The local high school
  3. With a private swim instructor

If you’re hiring a swim instructor, observe him or her before you begin working together so you will feel comfortable.

Do you know how to swim?

If you’re a beginning swimmer — whether adult or child — start your lessons in the shallow end. Swimming in the shallow end will allow you to be able to touch the bottom of the pool and will help to alleviate fear.

A swimming pool instructor will teach you: how to breathe in the water, how to move through the water and show you a respect of it. You will work your way up to putting your face in the water, holding your breath and eventually being able to jump into the deep end.

The swim lessons will progress and you will learn to bob underwater, tread water, do front and back floats and move up to advanced swim strokes. Your swim instructor will work with you and your children to make sure you’re comfortable in the water before moving you to the deep end.

As with any new thing that you’re learning you will want to practice between swim lessons. Block out time when you can devote yourself to at least 30-minute sessions to build endurance and to practice what you’ve been taught. Remember, even when you know how to swim, never swim alone. Even if your children can swim, it may make sense to have them use life vests until they are fully comfortable in the water.

Ask us what kind of water safety and emergency items you should keep poolside.