What is a bubble jet? If you haven’t heard of it, that’s all right, the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pool Builders get asked about them all the time and they have the inside scoop. Get a bubble jet feature in your new pool — we bet once you know what it is, you will want one!

Bubble jets

This is an accessory that adds to the relaxation benefits a swimming pool provides. They also add aesthetic appeal. If you have ever spent time in a hot tub, you know the basic idea of a bubble jet. This feature mimics the feeling you’d get from a soak in a hot tub and using its jets. Children also find it fun to play in and around the jets and that makes being in the pool even more fun for them — and you!

Get a bubble jet feature in your new pool

Talk with your pool contractor about the bubble jet feature for your new pool construction project or for a pool remodeling project. A bubble jet looks likes a water fountain and produces a bubbling stream of water — hence the name! The sizes of bubble jets range from less than a foot up to more than two feet tall. These features lend themselves to beach entry pools or to those constructed with sunshelves in order to take full advantage of the accessory. They provide a calming sound

Add intrigue and set your pool apart and put your unique design twist on your pool project by adding in bubble jets. Talk with us — we practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines to keep you and our crew safe during COVID-19.