Get fit in 2021 in your swimming pool. If you’re like most of the country, you’re feeling pandemic fatigue and you’re wondering if it will be over soon or if you’re looking at 2021 as a continued lockdown. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee know that pool owners are using them more often for fun and for health.

Swimming is one of the best ways to get a cardio workout and exercise routine. Swimming is an ideal way for a fit person or a couch potato to get into fitness. If you’re not accustomed to exercise, jumping into the pool and swimming is a great way to get fit without worrying about injury.

Ease into it with aquacise, exercising in the swimming pool. It’s water aerobics and is a pain-free way to exercise, regardless of your current level of fitness. Water aerobics uses the water’s natural buoyancy and resistance to help you get in shape. You don’t need to invest in any special equipment but you may want to pick up a kickboard or waist weights to increase resistance and kick calorie burning up a notch.

Get fit in 2021 in your swimming pool

Talk with your doctor to ensure you’re healthy enough to swim and ask him or her for advice on getting into a swim routine. Here are some reasons your doctor may recommend it:

  • Tones every part of your body
  • Working out in the water improves your coordination and balance
  • The resistance of the water adds to and enhances your cardiovascular workout
  • Works all your muscles and joints at the same time

Water provides ten times more resistance than not working in the water and is easier on the joints. If you suffer from arthritis, weight problems or have a joint injury water exercise is a way to heal and stay active.

Whether you’re looking to get in shape or simply be a bit more active in your daily life here are more benefits of water aerobics:

  • Improve your respiratory system
  • Improve your balance and posture
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Enhance and improve your endurance
  • Burn up to 500 calories, depending on the length and intensity of your workout

You don’t need a class to workout in your pool. Swim laps, sprint from side to side or play games with your family — all are great ways to get in shape (and have fun!) in the family pool.