Reasons to own a swimming pool, Tipton Pools contractors explain

Swimming pools are beautiful and can certainly add to the value of your home but there are healthy reasons to own a swimming pool as well as aesthetic ones. The swiming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN offer these reasons to have your own swimming pool.

Healthy reasons to own a swimming pool

  1. Your own pool is safer to swim in than a public pool. Because so many people use public swimming pools, there is a higher potential for bacteria in the water. This is amplified if the pool isn’t cared for properly.
  2. You’re more likely to get into a swim habit when you have a pool in your own backyard. Swimming is an ideal way to get, and stay, in shape. Swimming is a non impact, high cardio exercise that most anyone can begin — check with your doctor first.
  3. If you have a hot tub or spa and a swimming pool, the heated water and the jets of the hot tub or spa provide health and relaxation benefits.
  4. You can build family memories in the swimming pool. When you have a pool, chances are the kids will want to be out of doors and you can spend a lot of family time together in the pool instead of being in the house watching television or using electronic devices.
  5. A swimming pool is a staycation hot spot. Many people have two weeks vacation from their employers, but if you have a swimming pool, you have a place in which to staycation every single weekend!

Are you ready to make 2017 the year you get your own family swimming pool? If you have questions or concerns or aren’t quite sure where to start on the project, give us a call and let’s start planning your pool project so you, too can say, “Everyone into the pool!”