What can you do to add to the luxury and aesthetics of your backyard swimming pool space? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee discuss high end poolside upgrades to consider whether you’re undertaking a new pool construction or a pool remodel project.

Look at this list and decide whether you want one, or all, or something entirely different to make your pool and backyard experience to be just that — an experience.

These options give your backyard space an even more of a staycation feeling and it makes you want to just stay home and relax!

High end poolside upgrades to consider

  1. An outdoor kitchen. This is an amenity that truly lets you move your indoor living to the outdoors all summer long. Outdoor kitchens can incorporate burners, grills, an oven, a pizza oven, a microwave and more. Your kitchen can have cupboards a refrigerator and a sink or dishwasher. When you have an outdoor kitchen you may want an island where you can all sit together while the meal is prepared. Check your budget and determine what you have to spend and how much of your indoor kitchen amenities you want to have outdoors.
  2. A pavilion or gazebo. A pavilion or gazebo is a place you can sit and relax while cooking or just sit and relax in general. These structures protect you from the hot sun while still allowing you the feeling of being in the outdoors. A pavilion, unlike a gazebo, though, will have only partial walls. This is so you can get the warm summer breezes — you don’t want to feel like you’re sitting indoors, right? A pavilion might fit right in by your outdoor kitchen or in a corner by the swimming pool where you want to set up a permanent seating area.
  3. Outdoor entertainment area. You can invest in a television or stereo equipment for the outdoor area. You can watch football poolside, show movies for the children and have an outdoor family movie night and just kick back and relax and watch your favorite daytime shows. There are televisions and stereos specifically designed to weather the weather!

Stop and consider how you’d like to use your outdoor living space, talk with us and let’s make that staycation, outdoor space a reality!