Are you planning a pool project soon? Are you wondering how can you pay for your swimming pool project? It is a question that the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools work with their customers with all the time. If you’ve never undertaken a pool project, it may seem a daunting task to line up the financing because paying for a pool will likely be the biggest project you pay for — next to your home purchase.

If you’re among the thousands of people who, annually, take the plunge and become swimming pool owners, now is the ideal time to begin researching and planning for that project. Planning now will help assure you get the pool project started so you don’t miss any time in the pool in summer 2018.

How can you pay for your swimming pool project?

Owning your own swimming pool means you can have access to the best vacation spot around — your own backyard. Also, having your own swimming pool extends the hours of fun and enjoyment you and your family will spend together and the memories you and your family will build together. A swimming pool is a major investment, but one that pays off over the long run in increasing the value of your property and in making your home a staycation hot spot.

Here are ways to finance your family’s dream pool project:

  • Work with a lender experienced in swimming pool financing
  • Work with the bank with whom you already have a relationship
  • A swimming pool purchase could be considered a long-term mortgage type-loan (second mortgage) for the purchase.
  • Find a bank that offers a reasonable interest rate
  • Take the loan as a home improvement loan
  • Find financing that fits your unique situation and budget.
  • Find a lender that will look at your recent tax assessment or the purchase price of your home as a way to determine how much value a swimming pool installation will add to your property.

Ask us for assistance and advice on the financing of your dream swimming pool project.