Depending on where you live, you may be able to use your pool almost year-round or you may find your swim season is limited to about a quarter of the year! When you own a swimming pool, you want to make sure you can use it as long throughout the season as possible, right? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN get asked all the time, “how can you save money pool water heating costs?”

There are ways to do that without sacrificing comfort and without having chattering teeth when you jump into the water! Heating the pool water allows you to extend the swim season — on the front and back end of the swim. Heating the water not only extends the swim season, but it will also extend the cost you pay for your pool — keep that in mind and weigh the options.

How can you save on pool water heating costs?

There are ways to save on pool water heating and here are a few

  1. Invest in the highest level of energy efficiency that you can.
  2. Always use a pool cover as this will trap the heat from the water
  3. Pick a pool temperature that is comfortable. If you start out with a higher temperature, consider dropping it by a degree or two and see how it impacts your energy and utility bills.
  4. Turn the pool water heater off if you’re not going to be using the pool for a while — there’s no reason to heat water in a pool that no one is enjoying

Here are pool heater options:

  • A gas heaters are popular and efficient. Gas heaters heat the water quickly and are efficient with short periods of use. with the increasing costs in gas, though it may become more mostly in the future.
  • Heat pumps don’t generate heat. A heat pump uses electricity and ambient air temperatures to generate heat. A heat pump does need an mbient temp of at least 50 degrees to operate effectively.
  • A solar heat pump is the most energy efficient and makes sense in areas blessed with sunshine — Arizona, California, for example BUT solar heat can be used in any area of the country. A solar system has black tubes that absorb the sun; water is sent into the solar panels, absorb the heat and then is pumped back into the swimming pool.

If you want to heat your pool water, give us a call and let’s discuss options, costs and benefits.