Is there a way to have a swimming pool and still be environmentally friendly? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN explain it is possible. How environmentally friendly is your pool? That is something we can discuss during our next pool service visit. Environmentally- friendliness involves the efficiency of your pool equipment, whether you use a cover, how often you heat the pool and much more.

Many people are looking for ways to have a pool that is green and pool contractors and pool equipment manufacturers understand that and work hard to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment you can chose to have installed. The reason for wanting to be “greener” are as varied as the people who own pools and include:

  1. Wanting to save money
  2. Wanting to protect the environment
  3. Looking at personal health and safety reasons
  4. Wanting to make a move away from harsh chemicals
  5. Wanting to ensure they are not depleting natural resources.

“Going greener” means working with your contractor to uncover ways to reduce water consumption, cut back on electricity use and incorporate alternative sources of energy for heating.  Solar heat and making a switch to a salt water generator and not heating the pool or using a solar cover to keep the pool water warm and the biggest — switching to a variable speed pool pump.

How environmentally friendly is your pool?

You can integrate solar water heating or alternatives to chlorine as a way to cut back on water evaporation and the impact of your carbon footprint all while ensuring the pool water is safe for swimming and that the water is warm.

Going green and using fewer chemicals isn’t as easy as waking up one morning and deciding to stop using chemicals. The health of the pool water, pool equipment and the health of those who use the pool will be negatively impacted. Also, if you stop using chemicals and algae bloom takes off, you will be using more chemicals and chlorine to get the water back to a swimmable state.

Simply throwing on a solar pool cover can increase the water temperature by 15 degrees without adding to your utility bills or impacting the environment. Also, when you use a cover the water stays cleaner, evaporation is lessened and you may use fewer chemicals.

Ask us how you can be more environmentally friendly with the family swimming pool.