The swimming pool builders from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee offer advice on how to best prepare for your new pool project. There are steps you can take before you even call us for an estimate on a construction project that will make it a smoother process for everyone!

So many people, especially now that everyone is in quarantine lockdown and can’t leave the house, have parties, go to parties or even go to the community pool, are looking to become pool owners themselves. Because pool contractors are considered essential workers, we are still working with families and individuals who want a pool project this summer. Because of the coronavirus we practice social distancing and follow CDC regulations to keep our crew and your family safe.

How to best prepare for your new pool project

Once you have found a couple of pool contractors to talk with and get quotes and estimates from for your pool project, here are some items to talk with him or her about and take into consideration:

  • Look at all of the financial obligations that are involved with being a pool owner. Construction, ongoing upkeep and maintenance, heating, cooling, increased utility bills, water to refill the pool when needed (which is regularly)
  • How much space do you want to devote to the swimming pool? How much deck space do you want/need? How much green space do you want to keep untouched?
  • Will you want to design the pool around existing landscape or will you want to remove trees and level out hills to accommodate the new pool?
  • Don’t forget to include the amount of time it will take to obtain pool permits for the construction.
  • Safety measures, fencing, alarms, etc. need to be part of the pool construction costs.
  • Does your current homeowner’s insurance allow for a swimming pool on the property? You may need to increase the liability limits and budget for that cost.
  • Ask us for any other incidentals you need to budget for and add that into the cost of the project. You may find you need to scale back portions of the project and add them in at a later time.

This list is a short one of what you need to prepare for when looking at becoming a pool owner this year. Give us a call and let’s talk about your pool project.