Tipton Pools, contractors serving Knoxville, TN tell how to choose a pool contractor 

Your swimming pool project is one of the biggest investments you will make — second to the purchase of your home — and because of that you will want to choose the best contractor that you can find for your project. Working with a pool contractor from Tipton Pools assures that you are working with an experienced, qualified swimming pool contractor and that once all is said and done you will have the pool of your dreams. You don’t want to hire a pool contractor based solely on price, but on quality, experience and how well you believe you can work with him to realize your project.

Here are three items to consider when you’re looking for your Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor:

  1. Does the potential contractor thoroughly answer your questions? Do you walk away feeling as though you understand the process or do you have more questions than when you started? If you work with an experienced swimming pool designpool contractor you should feel confident that you are making the best decisions and getting the best pool for your family and for your dollar.
  2. Take heed of your pool contractor’s advice as it relates to the size and style of pool you want and whether it will “fit” into your backyard landscape. You may need to make decisions to remove trees, gardens or even to have to haul in additional truck loads of dirt to even off a potential building site. Be prepared to adjust your pool project based on your yard space.
  3. The budget for the project is a factor that should be shared with your pool contractor during your first meeting so that he knows what you want, what you have to spend and whether that is able to be accomplished. You don’t want to skimp on quality and energy efficiency with pool equipment simply to have a larger pool – scale back on the size so you have a pool your family can enjoy for decades. Remember, when planning your budget to plan for ongoing upkeep and maintenance and potential increases in your utility bills once the pool has been constructed — your pool contractor should be able to provide you with estimates for these costs.

Take your time choosing your pool contractor and the end project because your pool will be a place you and your family enjoy for decades.