The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Tipton Pools say a hot tub or spa workout is possible and can offer some of the same health benefits as a swimming routine — well without the ability to swim laps! What kind of exercise can you get in a hot tub? consider some of these.

How to get fit in the hot tub

  1. Shoulder shrugs loosen up your arms and neck
  2. Do in water and out of water some arm circles
  3. Do side bends. Place hands on hips, bend from side to side then backward and forward. You can do this from a seated or kneeling position as long as your head doesn’t go under water. You can stand, but if you’re out of the water then you’re not reaping the benefits of the water.
  4. Sit on the hot tub bench and let the weight of the water help you get a better workout
  5. Do some leg lifts. Lift one leg at a time and then lift both legs at once. Tighten your stomach muscles to help with the lift.

After you’ve warmed up, try these exercises:

  • Sit on the hot tub seat, support yourself on your arms, keep your stomach muscles taut and bend your legs up to your chest
  • Extend legs and stretch your toes — up and down.
  • Grab the hot tub bar, lift your legs and rotate them just as if you were riding a bicycle. Keep your stomach muscles taut and lift with your stomach, not your back.

If you’ve never exercised before, talk with your doctor to make certain you’re healthy enough to start. Chances are he will say it is safer to exercise in a pool or hot tub than to start out running a marathon. Simply start out slowly, doing a few reps at a time of each exercise. Work up to more reps after you’re comfortable.

Even though you’re in water, make sure you’re staying hydrated. Take frequent sips of water. Because you’re in the hot tub you run the risk of dehydration.