Swimming laps or playing fun games in the pool with friends and family is a great workout, but have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your pool workout? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville understand that you want to burn calories and get or stay in shape and they have tips to make the most out of a pool workout.

When you’re in the pool with your children and you’re swimming or playing fun games like Marco Polo or even jumping in and doing cannonballs you can “sneak” exercise into your child’s daily routine without it seeming like exercise.

How to get the most out of your pool workout

What are some of the benefits of a swimming pool workout?

  1. It’s low impact. Swimming is better for those wtih muscle or joint injuries than is running on land. When you’re in the pool you are buoyant and the stress and strain are taken off your body. If you’re recovering from an injury, swimming will help you with your rehabilitation.
  2. If you have arthritis, asthma or fibromyalgia your doctor may say that swimming is an optimal choice for a workout.
  3. If you haven’t worked out or been active you can ease into a workout routine by jumping in the pool.
  4. Swimming is not only great exercise, but it’s a great stress reliever as well.
  5. Swimming burns as many calories per hour as does a high impact aerobics class. You can burn up to 300 calories during a thirty minute swim.

If you want to begin a workout routine, but you’ve been a couch potato, talk with your doctor to make certain you’re healthy enough for any kind of workout. He will probably tell you that a swim routine will be an ideal way to help you get moving without the fear of injury.