Song birds may sound beautiful and seeing birds flitting around your yard or spending time on the birdfeeder in your yard is ideal. What you don’t want are birds in and around the swimming pool. Gross! How to keep birds out of the swimming pool is something the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN get asked all the time.

Birds can leave their droppings all over and you definitely don’t want to be stepping in that when you’re trying to get into or out of the pool. Additionally, if they’re hanging around the pool, they may get into the water and not be able to get out and no one wants to see bird carcasses before they swim.

How to keep birds out of the swimming pool

Here are some suggestions for keeping the birds away from the swimming pool and hot tub.

  1. Use a cover. Using a swimming pool cover is one of the best practices you can get into. When you use a cover you’re helping conserve water, and that may mean your pool needs fewer chemicals. A cover will keep the birds out of the water. Even if you don’t want to put the traditional cover on every time, you can invest in a solar cover. These solar covers will help trap the heat from the sun into your pool water and will keep birds out of the pool.
  2. Put in an automatic pool cleaner. These devices will float around the pool, cleaning as it goes and that will cause a disturbance in the water — something that scares birds. It will see the motion on the water and the object moving underwater and may give them pause for getting into your pool.
  3. Inflatable toys. We usually caution people to keep all floating toys out of the pool when they aren’t using the pool so children aren’t tempted to scale the safety fence and get into the pool. If you have bird problems, though, and your safety is as heighened as possible, leaving brightly colored toys floating on the water may scare birds away. Because the toys will be in constant motion because of the filter, it will work as a great deterrent.

If you have other ways you keep birds away from your swimming pool we’d love to hear!