Your swimming pool is naturally the focal point of your backyard and outdoor living space. If you take a step back though, are you happy with the rest of the area surrounding the pool? How to landscape around your swimming pool is something the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN work with their pool customers on.

The way in which you landscape around the swimming pool will have an impact on the pool itself, the outdoor living space aesthetics and perhaps even the resale value of your property.

How to landscape around your swimming pool

¬†Introducing a new landscape theme to your pool area will be a pleasant development in the overall enjoyment you get in your outdoor living space. When you landscape around the pool you can add notable features, beautiful flowers and trees and even water or fire features if that’s in the budget.¬†

When you work with your swimming pool contractor, he or she will help you assure you’re not planting any trees or flowers that will negatively impact the pool or the pool water. You will want to avoid trees that will drop a lot of leaves or pine cones or sap or that will attract birds and bees. Planting trees that don’t have long-reaching roots is also crucial to protecting the pool structure, plumbing and electric.

Ask your pool contractor to offer you a bird’s eye view of what your outside area will look like once the proposed landscaping project is complete. Let him know how much time you want to spend working in and on the landscaping and gardens. Ask us about how planting can help cut back on the amount of water lost through evaporation.

If you don’t have a lot of yard space and you don’t want to undertake a major renovation or landscaping project, look for small, inground pools or koi ponds you can use to add to the visual appeal. Potted plants and trees are ideal if you want to be able to change the way the pool area looks and feesl. This type of planting will also assure no roots damage the pool structure or plumbing.

The “landscaping” around the pool area could include the outdoor seating area as well. If you don’t have a shady space to relax when you’re not swimming, consider adding a gazebo, an awning or even folding umbrellas that you can use to provide shade throughout the day.

Are you ready to landscape your pool space this year? Give us a call and let’s talk about your budget and what you hope to accomplish with the landscaping.