Swimming pool ownership is easier than many people might think. How to make pool ownership a reality is something the pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN discuss when they meet with first-time, hopeful pool owners.

In years past there weren’t many choices in pool design, shape or options with fitting a pool into a uniquely-shaped yard. Today, though you can have a pool in almost any shape you can imagine and you can have a pool whether you have a large, spacious yard or a small plot of land in a busy city setting.

How to make pool ownership a reality

If you have a small budget and are renting a house, you may want to look at an above ground pool. They are somewhat portable and are definitely less expensive than an inground pool. An above ground pool is a very viable option for many and they come in unique shapes that can fit into almost any backyard landscape. You can complete the look of an above ground pool through the use of a deck, lighting and fountains and other water accessories.

If your dream is to have an inground swimming pool you have three material options: gunite, vinyl liner and fiberglass. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages. What you need to talk with your pool contractor about is:

  1. Your budget
  2. The weather in the area in which you live
  3. How you will use your pool
  4. The size of the yard
  5. The size and shape of the pool you’d like

A gunite pool is the most expensive, but also the longest lasting and the material that provides the greatest flexibility in design. When you have a gunite pool you aren’t tied to a specific pool shape and can have the pool shaped to fit your current landscape. A gunite pool is:

  1. the most expensive
  2. Takes the longest to construct
  3. Offers the most flexibility in design
  4. is the longest lasting and most durable construction material

Fiberglass pools are constructed much like a bathtub and are delivered to your home in one piece. There are myriad shape and style and color options available. Fiberglass is the second most expensive option and are ideal for earthquake prone areas because they expand and contract and move with the earth. Fiberglass, because of its smooth surface is least prone to algae growth.

  1. Myriad shape and size options
  2. A lot of choices in colors and textures
  3. Easiest to keep clean
  4. Short installation time

When you opt for a vinyl liner swimming pool you can choose from many different shapes, much like a gunite pool construction. Vinyl is less labor intensive and less expensive than gunite. There are many options for the color and design from which you can choose for your vinyl liner pool. Vinyl liner pools are ideal for areas of the country in which there are freezing temps because the vinyl will expand and contract with the freezing and thawing ground.

  1. They are the least expensive type of inground pool
  2. They are easiest to get rips or tears
  3. The liner will need to be replaced every seven years or so
  4. It is ideal for any temperature or weather
  5. They take less time to install than gunite, but longer than fiberglass

Ask us about the features and accessories you can have added to your swimming pool to make it uniquely yours. Give us a call today and let’s get started on your pool construction project.