If you talk to any swimming pool contractor they will tell you that having a swimming pool has gone from a luxury backyard item infinity edge poolto a must-have for many homeowners in the Tennessee area. Many families have been opting to stay close to home for vacations — due to rising costs of travel — but they still want a way to have fun in the sun so they work with a Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor to have a pool installed so they can have access to vacation fun without leaving the driveway!

You can have a swimming pool installed that fits your family’s unique lifestyle and flair for creative design. A pool contractor understands that a dynamic swimming pool shape enhances the landscape and lends to the ambiance of your outdoor living area. Fitting the swimming pool into your existing landscape could serve a dual purpose — preserving the trees in your yard as well as lending the pool a unique shape if it follows the curves of your yard.

The swimming pool builders from Tipton Pools offer this advice when it comes to choosing your unique swimming pool design:

  • A lap swimming pool. These pools are typical single lane designs and are used for pool owners who just want to exercise or for homeowners with limited space in the backyard. Talk to your contractor and choose the length and width of the pool that meets your needs.
  • Consider modeling your swimming pool area based on a tropical theme. You can have a swimming pool that mirrors a natural design along the lines of those at luxury spas. A pool with a rainforest or tropical theme will likely have areas in the pool in which the swimmers can simply float on rafts or there could be tanning ledges on which swimmers can lounge. The pool area can then be landscaped with flowering plants or even palm trees. You might want to have a section of the pool in which the trees or flowering plants overhand the corner to give it a secluded feel. Why not consider a water fountain or a hot tub area in the pool as well.
  • Make your pool a literal work of art through the imaginative use of glass or mosaic tiles. Select tiles in color schemes that appeal to you and sketch out some ideas of what you’d like your pool’s floor to look like. You can decorate the bottom of your swimming pool with shapes, designs, words, anything that appeals to you and your family.
  • If you opt for a gunite swimming pool you can come up with practically any shape you can imagine for your swimming pool. If you dream it – and have the budget for it – you can probably have it designed. You don’t need to have the traditional rectangle swimming pool. Ever consider a pool in the shape of a jellybean or a butterfly or even a four leaf clover? Add that to the ability to amp it up with colored tiles and you have a swimming pool that is truly unique.
  • A vanishing edge or infinity swimming pool is one of those styles that suits a backyard if it has a view. These are the swimming pools that look as if they only have three sides and are perfect for landscapes that are near an ocean, cliff or hotel rooftop. The water is actually recycled and sent back into the swimming pool even though it looks as though it’s pouring out the edge.

Swimming pools can be as unique as your landscape and as your style dictates. Take time to find a pool contractor that can help you realize those pool design dreams.