Tipton Pools contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee understand the importance of pool water filtration and explain the aspects of it, the different types of filters that are available and how to keep your filter performing at its peak. A swimming pool filter is an important part of your pool’s overall operation. Without a pool filter, dirt and debris will not only make its way into the pool, but will remain int he swimming pool. This can ead to illnesses in those who use the pool and to the potential for algae growth in the water.

When you don’t remove debris and bacteria from the swimming pool, the water will quickly become clouded and unfit for swimming.

 The importance of pool water filtration

The way a pool water filter works is that is will pump water from the swimming pool through a barrier (this is determined by the type of pool fitler your pool uses (sand, cartridge or DE). This filter will trap contaminants and particulates and hold them within the filter. The water is then cleaned and then pushed back into the swimming pool. Your pool contractor will let you know if your filter is operating correctly or if it needs to be cleaned, the sand replaced or new DE. Cleaning the filter typically requires backingwashing, which uses a lot of water, and because of that you don’t want to have to have your pool backwashed often.
When you are in the pool exploration phase of construction you will make the determination then on the type of filter you want to use. Each type has its drawbacks and benefits and each has a different price point, useful life and unique cleaning aspects.
Your pool contractor will let you know how many hours per day you need to run your pool filter in order to “turn the water over” at least one time. What this means is that every drop of water from your pool will be pushed through the fitler, cleaned and pushed back into the pool — this is “turn over” and is crucial to your pool water being clean and bacteria free. Don’t skimp on the number of hours you run the pump — ask your contractor how many hours are necessary to assure your pool water is clean.