Is your swimming pool safe? Tipton Pools swimming pool contractors understand the local municipal laws as well as federal laws as they relate to swimming pool safety.

Safety needs to always be front of mind when children, friends and family are in your swimming pool and spending time around your swimming pool. The most common cause of death and injury for children and toddlers are water-related; because of this you can see the importance of having measures in place ot keep your children safe. Swimming pool builders in Knoxville, Tennessee work with pool owners to assure every possible safety measure is put in place and that their customers’ pools are in compliance with local safety regulations.

Is your swimming pool safe?

Most swimming pool owners have their own pool rules and regulations. Whether they involve not having glass objects poolside, no riding toys on the deck or no running on the deck, these are a good start. safe, but there are also municipal rules and regulations on the books that outline steps to keep the swimming pool up to code and in compliance.

Your pool contractor will assure you have a safety compliance certificate from your municipal code officer. When you work with a swimming pool contractor experienced with the municipal regulations of the town in which you live, they make navigating the pool construction maze of paperwork much simpler. Until you have received the certificate, the pool cannot legally be used.

Whether you are installing a new pool or buying a home with an existing pool you will need an inspection and a compliance certificate. A local building inspector will pay period visits throughout the construction of a new pool to assure compliance.

Depending on the area of the country in which you live, you will need a fence around your swimming pool and you may also be required to have pool alarms installed. Pool alarms are motion activated and can be battery operated or hard-wired into the swimming pool itself and are typically motion activated. Your pool contractor or the building inspector will let you know what items you need to be in compliance.

For safety’s sake, many pool owners go above and beyond minimum safety requirements and install several layers of safety items.

Being safe doesn’t mean you won’t have fun in your swimming pool– quite the opposite — safety measures will help you have fun and be safe!