Tipton Swimming Pool contractors in Knoxville, TN offers pool pet safety tips

Pool pet safety is an important consideration for your backyard design. The backyard family swimming pool is great fun for all members of the family, including the four-legged ones. A pool is a great place to have fun, get in shape and simply relax with your family, and special consideration might be considered for your pets.

The swimming pool contractors from Tipon Pools understand that for many families, the dog is a part of the family and they may want him to be in the pool with them. If that’s the case for your family, here are tips to keep your dog safe:.dog in pool

  1.  Ask us about the types of pool safety alarms available. The alarms alert you if the water is disturbed, ie someone — pet or human — has fallen or jumped in. Choose a floating alarm or one that is wired into the pools’ electricity.
  2. Fencing around the perimeter of the pool is one of the first steps that should be taken once your pool is installed. Make certain your fence adheres to local building codes.
  3. There are several kinds of pool ramps you can use that will make it easier for your dog to get out in case he happens to fall in and you’re not there to lift him. You need to show your pet where it is and what it’s for.
  4. Purchase a collar alarm for your pet that will sound if the device is submerged. Invest in doggie life jackets. They are effective, but shouldn’t be the only safety item you rely on.
  5. Remove all dog toys from the pool when you’re done so your dog isn’t tempted to jump in after them.
  6. Once your dog is done swimming, you will want to rinse his skin and his fur to remove any chlorinated water so he doesn’t start itching.

If your dog is fearful and rarely goes near the pool, don’t force him to come into the pool. Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs love the water and not all dogs know how to swim.