What can you do to transform your swimming pool and your swimming pool experience? Add a waterfall. These accessories can transform a ho-hum – or even a stunning pool – into something even more eye appealing and dramatic. A waterfall can also turn your pool into an exotic paradise, a rainforest retreat right in your own backyard!

Additionally, as your swimming pool contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee will explain, a waterfall will help to oxygenate rock waterfall your water and this is great, especially if you have a natural pool or garden. Ask your pool contractor about adding a stream as a portion of the waterfall project. You will also need to install a pump to keep the water flowing.

What’s involved in adding a waterfall to your swimming pool? The swimming pool builders from Tipton Pools offer this advice:

  • You’ll need to decide if you want a small or a wide stream as this will also determine the width of your overall waterfall. The pump to power the stream can be “built into” the rock waterfall section so it is invisible. You will also need to determine the power of the pump as that will directly relate to how fast the water pours over the waterfall.
  • The waterfall design “curtain” is the amount of water that flows over the top. The curtain will also determine the sound of the waterfall as it flows and lands in the pool water beneath. A wide falls will typically generate a softer sound while a narrow waterfall will create more of a gushing sound.
  • You may also want to consider the addition of a grotto area behind the falls. This will allow you to sit behind the falls and watch the water flow over. It can be a secluded area for relaxation.

Talk to your pool contractor about the best design for your water fall based on your current pool design, your budget and the amount curtain you want your waterfall to have. A waterfall is an accessory that will amp up the aesthetics of your pool and make it even more unique than it originally was.