swimming pool cleaning Having your swimming pool built by a pool professional is the first step in pool ownership (and summer fun!) Once the pool has been constructed, though, the fun begins but the work doesn’t end once the pool contractor leaves your backyard. Swimming pool service contractors in Knoxville, Tennessee can help with the weekly (in some cases, daily) maintenance and upkeep that goes hand in hand with being a swimming pool owners.

There are four areas of concern that can arise when you’re a swimming pool owner and for which you may want to contact a pool contractor. These areas can be addressed by your swimming pool builder from Tipton Pools on your behalf and they include:

  • Keeping the water chemicals in balance
  • Cleaning filters and keeping them free of  debris that could clog them
  • Malfunctioning or not functioning at proper level swimming pool pumps
  • Holes and tears in vinyl liners

If any of these issues arise with your swimming pool, it’s best to contact a pool service professional to help address them and make any repairs that may be necessary so that your pool keeps running smoothly. Here is more detailed information on what your pool maintenance and repair specialist will do for your swimming pool maintenance related issues:

  1. Water chemistry balance is one of the most important as it can negatively impact your equipment, the liner and of course, the skin, hair and eyes of the swimmers. You will need to sanitize your swimming pool and this is usually done through the use of chlorine. The chemicals kill harmful bacteria and contaminants. In addition to chlorine, you will need to check the pH level to make certain it’s in balance as well
  2. To keep the pool as clean as possible you need to make certain the filter is clean. The filters will need to be cleaned and serviced and this is usually a task left up to the pool service pro. You can choose a sand filter or a diatomaceous earth (DE) filter or even a cartridge filter style.
  3. Your swimming pool pump is a crucial component as it keeps the water circulating throughout the pool. If the pump is not working, the dirt and debris will not get moved toward the filter nor will the chemicals become circulated throughout the water.
  4. If your vinyl liner becomes damaged you will need the services of a trained swimming pool tech to repair or replace the liner. A liner with a hole can lead to leaking and that can not only cost a lot of money it can also damage the structure of the swimming pool. The health and longevity of the swimming pool liner is also affected by the water chemical balance and this is another reason they need to be checked and maintained at all times.

Swimming pools are structures that require almost continual maintenance and upkeep to keep the water free from bacteria and from allowing algae to take hold. Diligent cleaning, vacuuming and skimming of dirt and debris is something that most pool owners will do between service visits. in Knoxville, Tennessee.