Have you felt a chill in the air? Has the furnace in the house been turning on in the mornings to help warm up the house? There still may be some warm days ahead before the end of 2019, but for some swimming pool owners, now is the time for a pool closure. The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN offer off-season swimming pool care tips.

Caring for a swimming pool doesn’t stop after the pool contractor has closed the pool for the season. Care does taper off, but you will still want to be mindful of your pool lying dormant in your backyard.

Off-season swimming pool care tips

Off-season pool care prevents winter damage from destroying the pool or equipment. Off-season pool care also allows you to have a quicker and easier 2020 pool opening.

What does your pool contractor recommend doing during the off-season or winter months? 

  1. Be mindful of standing water on the pool cover. Use a wet vac or pump to get the water off the cover. If there is ince on the cover, resist the urge to remove it as you could damage the cover. Brush leaves and debris from the cover frequently.
  2. When winter winds get howling, it is easy for the straps on the pool cover or the cover itself to flap in the breeze and get damaged. Check the straps and security of the cover before and after any storm comes through your area.
  3. Downed tree branches and wet, soggy leaves can lead to pool cover damage. Trim back overhanging branches and dead branches. Remove leaves from the cover. Install a leaf net to make leaf removal easy.
  4. As part of the pool closing, your pool contractor will have lowered the water levels to proper levels for winter care. If you get a lot of ice and rain and snow you will want to check the water levels to assure they are still a few inches below the skimmer.
  5. You don’t have to worry about the pool chemicals as the pool contractor will have thoroughly cleaned the pool and added a copious amount of chemicals to help the water make it through the winter without too many algae growing.

If you haven’t already contacted your swimming pool contractor to get on his schedule for an end of season pool closing, you may want to do that today… unless you have a pool heater and know you can use the pool for a few more weeks or even longer. If you have a set date in mind you’d like to have the pool closed, give us a call and get on our schedule.