Whether this is your first year as a swimming pool owner or if you have had a pool for many years, you know that a pool = pool party! If you are ready to plan an end-of-the-season pool party, and it could be your Labor Day party or depending on where you live, you might have a Halloween party, the pool contractors from Tipton Pools have tips to make it memorable.

Swimming pool and hot tub owners in Knoxville, Tennessee understand that in our part of the country, your last pool party of the year will be much later in the year than will pool owners in the Northeast. There is no better way to celebrate a weekend or a holiday than by inviting friends over for a swim and a backyard barbecue.

Plan an end-of-the-season pool party

  1. Remind your guests to bring towels, but make sure you have some on hand for those who forget. If there’s a chill in the air, plan to toss the towels into a dryer to warm them up and warm up the swimmers when get out of the water.
  2. If it is sunny — or even if it;’s overcast — have sunscreen on hand and encourage everyone to slather up.
  3. Give us a call and schedule a pool cleaning before the party and then schedule a post-pool party maintenance visit. Clean the pool before everyone gets there.
  4. Plan a menu that helps you enjoy the party and not spend time in the kitchen. If friends offer to bring a dish to pass, say yes!
  5. Splurge on plastic cups, plates, plastic ware and paper napkins. If you don’t typically use them, it won’t be a bad investment and will save you time in the kitchen.
  6. Set up a space where swimmers can change into and out of their suits. Have a place where they can shower before and after they swim. It’s not too hard to set up an outdoor shower area.
  7. Have enough chairs, tables and seating areas for guests who just want to kick back and chat.
  8. Prepare background music to share, but keep it at a volume that your guests won’t have to shout to be heard.
  9. Decorate for the theme — Labor Day, Halloween, start of summer, etc.
  10. If the party goes into the evening hours invest in citronella candles in case mosquitoes make an appearance, Either turn on outdoor lighting or use solar powered lights, or a combination of the two.
  11. Have in-pool and out-of-pool games ready.
  12. Offer a space for guests to spend the night if the hour gets too late and they’ve had a few too many adult beverages.

Here’s hoping the day you plan for your party will be bright and sunny! Give us a call to schedule your pool cleaning and maintenance visit.