If drive-in movies are a thing of the past where you live and if the movie theaters are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, you can still plan an outdoor movie night poolside. Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket and hang a sheet and project a movie onto it. Or bring a television outside (carefully) and watch your favorite movie there.

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee know that swimming, then getting out to watch a movie, then swimming, in the dark after the movie is done or during “intermission” is a great way to build memories with your family. And truly, doesn’t 2020 deserve a few good memories?

You may even be able to invite a few friends or family over as long as you social-distance and being out of doors makes that easier — and probably safer.

Plan an outdoor movie night poolside

Here are some ways to plan for movie night.

  1. Send invitations
  2. Share a few of the movies you plan to show
  3. Set up the pool area to accommodate swimming, snacking and movie viewing
  4. Turn on the in-pool lighting
  5. Make sure there is lighting around the outdoor living space to make it safer
  6. Enjoy movie type snacks: popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, chips.
  7. Share easy to eat desserts like cupcakes or pieces of fruit
  8. Plan your event for a full moon — if possible and if you want to set a scary mood that is the time to do it!
  9. Choose a movie that is suitable for all ages of the guests you’re inviting or decide it will be a children’s event or an adult only movie showing
  10. You can even rent an old fashioned popcorn machine to truly set the theater mood

Have a back up plan or a rain date if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Call us to schedule a before and and after party pool cleaning.