Satlwater vs chlorine is a conversation that many new and potential swimming pool owners have with the pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee. People wonder, “What’s better? Salt water pools or cleaning the pool water with chlorine and other chemicals?” It’s not an easy question to answer because they both have their merits and there are many reasons a pool owner will choose one or the other and for many it comes to personal preference or concerns about skin sensitivity.

Pool Basics 101: Saltwater vs Chlorine

Many potential saltwater pool owners don’t fully understand that even when you’re using saltwater to clean the pool water you’re still using a system that ultimately creates chlorine — albeit at a lower level than if you cleaned the pool with pure chlorine. A saltwater system is more expensive to install than a chlorine one, but many pool owners see a return on investment with the savings on not having to invest in chlorine. In addition to saving money, pool owners who use chlorine like th eidea that they are not swimming in water that is full of chemicals.

A saltwater swim won’t cause dry skin, won’t fade swimsuits and doesn’t have a chemical taste that chlorinated water might. Also, many people who swim in saltwater find their skin feels silky and smooth.  In many instances people whose skin reacts to chlorinated swimming pool water are reacting more to the other chemicals than the chlorine itself — that is a consideration on whether to spend the money on salt water cleaning equipment.

The amount of chlorine generated with a saltwater system is less than a typical chlorine cleaning system even though the pH level will be higher.

Chlorine has long been used to kill harmful bacteria in the water. Chlorine does have powerful chemical properties, but when used appropriately, is completely safe and is used by many people across the country.

From an environmental standpoint, both salt and chlorinated pool water aren’t healthy if introduced to the ground water. Saltwater can negatively impact drinking water as can chlorinated water. Ask your Knoxville, Tennessee swimming pool contractor if there are restrictions in the area in which you live on the type of pool cleaning system you can use.

Ask questions. Be informed. Decide which pool cleaning system is right for you and your family.