Should you drain your swimming pool? That isn’t a trick question and the answer in most cases is a resounding, NO! If a swimming pool needs to be drained, your swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee will let you know when, and why, it should be done AND he or she will do it for you.

Today’s modern swimming pool technology and the myriad of waterproof materials means that draining a swimming pool to make repairs is a thing of the past — for the most part. However, that being said, there may come a time when there is nothing to be done other than drain the pool. We urge you to not ever drain a pool on your own because if you don’t know what you’re doing you run the risk of causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Should you drain your swimming pool?

It is dangerous to drain your swimming pool and here’s why.

  • Draining a vinyl liner pool is the most dangerous type to drain. The reason is it may not have the structural integrity to withstand having the water removed. A vinyl liner pool is backfilled as the water goes in and this equalizes the pressure. When you drain the pool the vinyl liner floats away and any ground water could push it up and cause the liner to wrinkle.
  • Draining an above ground swimming pool could cause the walls to collapse in on themselves and the lining can tear and the walls could be destroyed.
  • Fiberglass pools cal float if the water is removed and that can damage the plumbing and electrical.
  • A concrete pool is the least likely to be damaged if it needed to be drained, but again, we don’t recommend draining a swimming pool.

If we ever determined that your swimming pool needed to be drained — and it would have to be a MAJOR reason — we would let you know and our experienced swimming pool contractors can make it happen without damage to the swimming pool.