Should you own a swimming pool? It’s not a question to be answered lightly. A swimmng pool is a major investment in both time and money. Should you get a pool? 10 questions to ponder before you make the majore decision. Answer these questions then talk wtih a swimming pool contractor to get further insight into pool ownership.

“We want our own pool!!!” We’ll bet your children have been saying that for years — especially if they have a friend or family member who has one.

Owning a swimming pool is less expensive to have constructed and less expensive to care for than swimming pools in the past were. Once you’ve thought about the ten questions below, drop by and talk with a swimming pool contractor from Tipton Pools . We imagine you will come up with more than ten reasons to become a swimming pool owner, but this is a starting point.

Should you get a pool? 10 questions to ponder

  1. You will have a party spot ready for friends and family!
  2. When you and your family spend time in the pool you’re building memories rather than watching television or playing on your phone.
  3. Vacations are all summer long — a pool gives you a staycation spot — no more two week vacations for you!
  4. You’ll be in better shape.
  5. Swimming is a stress reliever
  6. The value of your home may increase by as much as 20% and could give you a competitive edge when you’re trying to sell.
  7. You won’t have to beat the crowds or fight for beach space.
  8. They’re easier than ever to finance.
  9. It’s an investment in your lifestyle and your health and will be with you for decades
  10. You’ll always know where your kids are!

When you determine why you want a pool and decide that you are truly up the challenge of pool ownership, give us a call and let’s get your other questions about pool ownership answered.