Should you get a saltwater swimming pool? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors frm Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN get asked quite regularly. There are many reasons to get a saltwater pool, but they may not fit in with your lifestyle. If, however you decide you want a saltwater pool, there are some good reasons to consider getting one or converting your existing pool into a saltwater pool.

Saltwater pools have been around since the 1970s and are gaining in popularity for myriad reasons:

  1. They are less expensive to maintain
  2. They are easier on the skin, hair and eyes
  3. Saltwater is healthier than swimming in chlorine

You can buy a converter to change a traditional pool into a saltwater pool. Whether it’s a do it yourself project or not depends on your level of skill, patience and the time you have available!

Should you get a saltwater swimming pool?

Why should you change to a saltwater pool? The main reason is that people don’t want to swim in chemicals used in traditional chlorinated pools. Individuals with certain health conditions find their asthma or other allergies are made worse by swimming in chlorine. If you find your skin and eyes irritated after a swim in a chlorinated pool, saltwater might serve you better.

Some saltwater pool benefits include:

  1. They are easier on your body BUT remember a saltwater pool doesn’t mean your pool is 100% chlorine free. Salt converters create chlorine — at much lower levels, but keep in mind the pool will not be chlorine-free.
  2. They do cost less to maintain. The exact cost savings will hinge on many factors including where you live, how large the chlorinator is, the size of the pool and how well you maintain it.
  3. The water in a saltwater pool is “softer” and this means it will make your skin feel softer.

Your pool contractor will help you choose the saltwater chlorinator that fits your pool best. Before he does that he will explain the way a saltwater chlorinator system works is that, “an electrical current will pass through salinized water. This process creates a chemical reaction via elextrolysis and that creates chlorine from the salt molecules.” These molecules clean the water.

Talk with us and gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of this system then make your choice whether you’re having a new pool built or if you’re undertaking a renovation project.