When you are having a swimming pool constructed one of the many decisions you need to make is should you get pool steps or use a pool ladder? There are myriad reasons to choose one over the other — it ultimately comes down to personal preference, although budgeting may play a role.

Having swimming pool steps constructed into the pool itself, may make it easier to get into and out of the water. This makes sense because if you have limited mobility or mobility issues or if you have children in the house, walking down pool steps is easier than getting up and down a pool ladder steps.

If you had your pool constructed with a ladder, you can certainly have a pool contractor from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN add in steps and remove the ladder — it will not be an inexpensive undertaking so keep that in mind.

Should you get pool steps or use a pool ladder?

Here are a few items to think about and talk with your pool contractor about when making the decision on pool ladder or pool steps.

  • Steps are safer for those with mobility issues
  • Steps are easier to navigate if you have young children
  • Steps are constructed as part of the pool, not an add on like a ladder
  • Steps can be added by your swimming pool contractor — usually in an afternoon
  • Steps are durable will withstand water and weather. Ladders may rust.
  • Steps should be algae resistant because it’s easy for algae to take hold in and around the steps
  • You can have inground pool steps that are part of a construction project that mimic a beach entry –these require more yard space.
  • When you have a pool ladder installed, it must be anchored so it doesn’t pose the risk of pinched fingers.
  • Ladders are more cost effective and many pool owners are happy with them.
  • Ladders don’t take up much space.
  • Ladders, as mentioned above, are not as easy to navigate if you have mobility issues

Whether you’re in a new pool construction project or you want a swimming pool remodel, talk with us about the pros and cons of in-pool steps versus a ladder and make your decision.