Should you open your pool in the spring? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, TN say that a spring pool opening just might make sense for many swimming pool owners.

Should you open your pool in the spring?

The reasons to open you pool in the spring include:

  1. Spring is warmer than winter, even though it may not be quite swim weather yet — it could be if you have a pool heater!
  2. You can beat the rush of your pool owning neighbors getting on the schedule for a pool opening.
  3. Cleaning and openign your pool in the spring might help avoid algae growth. Your pool water could start growing algae under the winter pool cover if you’re not careful and that could make a later pool opening even more work for your pool contractor.
  4. If you open your pool in the spring and use a pool heater you will have a longer swim season. Also, even if you don’t use a pool heater, if you have your pool opened in the spring you will have a longer pool season simply because you won’t have to wait for a summer pool opening.
  5. You may reap the benefit of a spring pool opening by saving money. Many pool contractors offer better prices for earlier season pool openings. You may receive early bird specials on supplies, services and pool equipment.

If the weather has been warming up where you live, you may want to give your pool contractor — or us — a call and get on the schedule for a spring swimming pool opening. ¬†Imagine the delight of your family when the pool is open, the water is warm and you’re able to enjoy the pool before any of your neighbors! You will be the talk of the town. Get ready today for a longer than usual summer swim season!