Landscaping around the swimming pool and outdoor living space is what adds to the beauty, relaxation and overall aesthetics of the outdoor living space. Trees can make — or break — the pool landscaping based on where you plant them and what kind of trees you plant. Should you plant trees around the swimming pool? The answer is a resounding… maybe!

Should you plant trees around the swimming pool?

Swimming pool landscaping includes the deck, plants, flowers, trees and the furniture and pool accessories such as a fire pit you have in your backyard surrounding the pool. When planting trees, care must be taken, for several reasons:

  1. You don’t want birds and bees
  2. You don’t want to continually be cleaning out dropped leaves
  3. You don’t want sap in the pool water or on the deck
  4. You don’t want to plant a trees whose roots will expand and could damage the pool and its equipment

Talk with your pool contractor from Tipton Pools when you’re putting together your landscaping plan and considering adding trees for shade.

If you want to plant trees to provide privacy and/or shade but aren’t certain you want to deal with the care and upkeep of a tree around your swimming pool. Perhaps you don’t want to wait the many years it could take for a tree to mature enough that it provides the privacy and shade you’re seeking.

Consider adding a privacy fence around the swimming pool. These eye-appealing structures provide both shade and privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors. Privacy fences also act as a windblock and that could cut back on the amount of pool water lost to evaporation. A gazebo or a pool house are other structures that can act as shade or privacy barriers.

If you do want to have trees planted, you may be able to invest in semi-mature trees and some that will not drop leaves and lead to a messy backyard and swimming pool water that needs to be skimmed and scooped regularly.

Talk with us if you’re considering a landscaping project this season and let’s get you on the schedule.