How old is your swimming pool? Did you buy a home that had a swimming pool and now you’re wondering if you should update your pool in 2021? You can decide to update the pool now or you can talk with one of the swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Knoxville, Tennessee about a pool remodeling project once the summer swim season is over so you don’t miss too much precious swim time.

You may decide to upgrade your swimming pool to match your home decor or you may have younger children in the house or older adults and you want to put in some amenities to accommodate them.

We work with our pool clients to perform upgrades and updates because:

  1. The pool needs to be fixed because of old tiles
  2. You need upgraded and more energy efficient pool equipment
  3. You want to add a spa
  4. You want to fill in a deep end and have a pool all one depth
  5. you want to add amenities like a diving board or swim up spa or a heater or pool lighting

Here are other reasons for a pool renovation you can talk with us about when we pay a service visit or if you are a DIYer with pool maintenance, give us a call!

Should you update your pool in 2021?

  • As mentioned, do you have lifestyle changes or mobility issues or do you need a bigger or a smaller pool
  • Do you want to renovate the pool because it is faded and dull?
  • Are you looking to save money by spending money on more efficient pool equipment
  • You want to add to the outdoor poolside space
  • There are water features you want OR there are water features that are no longer used

Here are some of the specifics we will discuss with you regarding a 2021 pool project.

  • Do you need to repair or replace pool tiles?
  • Is the pool liner wearing thin and in need of replacement
  • How old is the pool equipment and how much could you potentially save by upgrading the equipment
  • Is your outside pool space lacking amenities that you long wanted and can now afford?
  • Do you need a hot tub or spa? Do you want it in the pool or a free-standing structure?
  • Do you want new technologies like remote-controlled devices, in-pool lighting that you can change with your mood, a pool heater? There are so many features, you will want to do your homework and research and then give us a call.

Know what your budget is and give us a call. Let’s look at the pool and see what the must-dos are for pool safety and efficiency and the want-to-dos that are just for fun and enjoyment.