Should your swimming pool have steps? The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pools answer that question when they are working with pool owners and potential pool owners because you can have a pool with “in pool” steps or you can have a pool that has a ladder.

The choice of in pool steps or a ladder is largely a personal decision, but there may be health or mobility reasons you would choose to have in-pool steps rather than a ladder.

Should your swimming pool have steps?

The swimming pool contractors from Tipton Pool Builders explain benefits of steps and explain the space necessary to accommodate this unique design. Here are items to consider with in ground pool steps:

  • Mobility issues are addressed if you have this type of step rather than a ladder.
  • In pool steps/stairs are more aesthetically appealing than is a ladder.
  • They are weather and rust resistant whereas a ladder is not.
  • In ground pool steps mimic a beach entry and require yard space.
  • In ground pool steps will take up swim space in the pool
  • You don’t run the risk of algae growing behind the steps as you potentially could with a ladder in your pool
  • Depending on the size of your pool you could have in pool steps added as part of a remodeling project; this makes it easy to retrofit a pool if someone in the household suddenly cannot navigate the ladder.

Talk with your pool contractor if you’re considering having in pool steps added as part of the overall pool construction project or if you’re remodeling the pool. Make certain you have a clear understanding of how much swim space you either give up or how much yard space you need to give up to accommodate the design of the pool that make in pool steps a viable option.

This is a very useful and functional pool construction option and one you will appreciate as you get older and have a harder time getting into and out of the pool.